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CSS Lock Door Decals

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8.5"w x 11"h vinyl decals, Controltac air-release vinyl with a satin laminate. Easy to install.  Removable with heat. Place directly on your doors, or on a neighboring wall.  Controltac vinyl can also be installed on textured surfaces.*  Use our Felt Vinyl Applicator (sold separately) to smooth out air pockets.

Use the Upload File button to add your logo, and the Custom Text & Info field to enter your school name.

* A felt vinyl applicator and a heat source such as a heat gun or hairdryer should be used to properly attach decals on a textured wall or door. First, apply decals just as you would with a smooth surface, smooth out air pockets using a felt vinyl applicator, next use a heat gun to secure the vinyl onto the textured surface (CAUTION: Holding heat on one area too long may burn the vinyl.  Use a back-and-forth motion over the vinyl surface.)  

8.5"w x 11"h

Controltac air-release vinyl

Luster Laminate